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Understanding adversity

Understand that the power of people is that they have the mind to create at will.

They have the mind to explore the boundaries that lie within.

They are given circumstances that feel unfair sometimes, they don't understand why this is happening, they feel like a victim and wish the circumstances to go away.

We wish to reveal to you that is is these exact circumstances that contain the relevant information you need to move forward.

To gain the momentum and necessary exposure to circumstances that will help you with your life path and what you were born to do.

It is a guidance system to push you towards your life purpose and the skill set you need to attain. To gain perspective so that you can be be the person you need to be. To have a certain skill set requires a lot of handwork and sometimes people don't want to do the work or have the time or equipment needed so life pushes you into a certain environment in order to learn the life lessons that are needed in order to get the job done that you came here to do.

Follow this order and you will see there is a purpose to everything. Ever experience is leading you to another and another circumstance, it is pushing you to discover a new path that you didn't know was there.

Its these painful circumstances that are pushing you further and further down the rabbit hole and making your experience everything you need in order to gain the skill set and knowledge you need for the next part of your life.

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