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The pain you see was created by those who did not see the light

The light is an internal wisdom

That runs through your veins

It is inside and out

It is all of creation

It is available to all those who wish to see

The beauty in everything

How do you see the beauty in everything?

You allow yourself to gaze over get a general view of the experience that you are having

Try not to identify with it, like its some thing that is happening to you,

But more like it is just happening without the attachment to it.

Allow it to be and it will settle and rest

And from that resting place you will see the out come.

You will see the next step to take

It will become clear without the attachment to the outcome, you can implement the changes that need to occur

In accordance with the divine law of least resistance

In allowing this process you are alowing the love and light of all things to come flooding into you life.

Infiltrating your system on all degrees.

You allow it to flood over you without resistance to it.

Then it will pass and you will come to see the beauty in everything.

It is this process that allows the light of all things to flood you body.

Let go and relax

Allow the energy of fear to subside

Allowing the beauty of the present moment to arise within you and then take action from there.

That standing point of stillness,

Is the starting point of all great things

It is the truth of who you are.

The beauty within and without will become a match.

A vibrational frequency of great change has occurred

You are the one true being of light that is creating.

As above so below

As within so without

Great peace and love to you

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