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Kate is one of the kindest, most authentic and giving people you will be fortunate to meet, and her psychic gifts and accuracy is unquestionable. Kate’s calm demeanour and ability to gain clarity around complex situations have helped me to navigate one of the most challenging periods of my life. She has an innate understanding of human behaviour and coupled with her extraordinary gift, Kate can provide clarity and pragmatic advice around whatever life-situation you find yourself in. Kate is one very special, gifted soul and I unreservedly recommend her services to you. She is the real deal.


Eight years ago, Kate Williams gave me a Soul Purpose Reading, it was the first time I had ever met her. She came to my house and said, I am so excited to give you your reading, as she had already channelled the information. She told me in my reading that she saw me putting on beautiful festivals, like a boutique spirit festival. I told her it sounded like my dream job, but I couldn't imagine it!

Two years after that reading, I put on my first Soul Star Festival. I started out organising a wellness dinner with a girlfriend, and the next thing you know, it snowballed into a mini-festival. I suddenly remembered what Kate told me in her reading, and I called her and said, please give readings at my event; you were right I am doing exactly what you said I would do!! ... Kate had been reading at my events ever since; she has been with myself and Soul Star the whole journey and never missed a festival. I can't recommend Kate more highly as a Soul Purpose Reader.


Kate is a brilliant channel who works with you to bring into focus your life purpose so you can move forward and fulfil your dreams. Kate has helped me move past limiting behaviours and move blockages.


She has a fantastic energy and I always feel calm and serene after a session. I highly recommend!



Katie is an amazing and talented individual whom I have visited in the past for readings which has since led to greater teachings around spirituality including reiki healing, meditation and many other fascinating topics.


Katie nurtures the good in people and always makes sure that people are learning how to be the best they can possibly be. Using her wealth of knowledge and amazing array of gifts and natural ability, she seeks change and happiness for all who are drawn to her and teaches people how to get the best out of every situation and make the most of every moment.


I've known Katie for a long time and from the first day I met her I've been taken on a meditative journey to learn about myself and positively affect others. People like Katie come few and far, if you have the chance, go and experience her absolute magic. It's a healing experience that everyone should have at some point in their life.



Kate Williams channelling provides me with insight during the periods of my life that feel cloud and unclear. The readings are always gentle yet powerfully guiding me and confirming to me to my path that I am on.


After reading the channelling I always feel recharged and clear. My self fears fall away from the confirmation and wisdom imparted to me. I've had numerous channellings over the past 12 months and will only go to Kate Williams. I recommend her wisdom, clarity and ability to authentically channel the highest intelligence and love.


Kate has a wonderful gift. She gave me the best reading I've ever received and helped me see my true purpose in life. Without her I simply wouldn't be where I am today. She re-aligned me with my true self.


I'm still vibrating on a level of gratitude that I was guided to her.


After one session with Kate I quit psychotherapy. She provided all the answers I needed.


I have never met someone so giving, grounded, loving and kind and that's just the start...

Kate has an extraordinary innate wisdom, intuitive soul connection with spirit, she has guided me with such pure light, I love the way she taps into my unique vibration and delivers messages with divine intelligence.

We connected the first time we met and I will continue to seek counsel from Kate always, the best xoxo


Kate is the most incredibly gifted woman I have ever met, when it comes to this realm of work. The life purpose reading I initially received was empowering and the moment I felt my whole life come together, when everything finally made sense and gave me a deeper understanding of myself that I'm not sure I would have came to on my own path, even now two years later.

Since the initial reading, I was so intrigued as I had the absolute knowing that what she had channeled through for me WAS my life purpose but I just had no idea how to get from where I was, to what she saw. I knew one thing however, and that was that I wanted to do whatever it took to make that become a reality. I enlisted regular coaching to help keep me on track and to have an accurate sounding board to make sure I was moving the needle in the right direction. Kate is not only incredibly potent in the way she accesses her information, being a clear vessel - the way she has of explaining the message, the wording, is sometimes with no other way to put it, simply uncanny!

Additionally, it's always a true pleasure to speak with her, she is warm, genuine, with the most beautiful soul, speaking with her is like talking to your no.1 cheerleader! She helps you to believe in yourself, as she can see through to who you really are - without the coloured perception we usually may receive. She has lifted me up, shown me the way and been a shining light in the distance, guiding me when I have not been able to see the way. I am so thankful that she came into my life when she did, she has changed the prospects for my future, the direction of my life and the way I feel about myself. From the bottom of my heart, I implore you, if you feel the nudge. Don't ignore it, she is a gift to humanity. Live the life you are destined for! You have a unique essence inside of you, Kate can show you why.


Kate is an incredible visionary channel. I have had a few different readings and things of the like in the past.

Kate is very unique in her clarity and accuracy. Her readings are very positive relatable and understandable. I have had a couple of sessions and will continue on with mentoring.

I felt confirmed comforted and inspired to move into my purposeful space.. I have been suggesting to everyone to have a session with Kate .. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!


My initial session with Kate blew me away she truly reached deep inside and reinforced so many ideas and feelings I had been experiencing that helped me truly walk my path. One of my most beautiful mentors, inspirations and friends.

Highly recommended, Kate is incredibly gifted and radiates such honesty, I’m so glad I found her.


I have had numerous sessions with Kate, and I cannot recommend her more! Kate's readings are spot on. Not only is Kate accurate, but she provides the best advice to assist me moving forward.

Kate's energy is magnetic, and her intuitive gifts are remarkable. I highly recommend a session with Kate!

Kate Wiliiams - Psychic readings, Clairvoyant - Readings - Coaching - Meditation - Channel - Psychic - Life Coach - Reiki Master


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